Albanna Engineering (ABE) was established in 1984 in line with the Group Policy of expansion and in response to the growing need of Engineering Services.

IMS Policy

The IMS Policy of Albanna Engineering is to ensure profitability and growth through customer Satisfaction, through quality products / services and through continual improvement of both.

Albanna Engineering also has committed to respect the environment, prevention of pollution and to continuously enhance the impact of its activities upon it in accordance with statutory requirements and good responsible housekeeping. Likewise Albanna Engineering strives to provide safety and healthy working conditions, promote injury prevention culture and prevention of ill health. Committed to meet legal and other requirements and every effort to continually improve both aspects.


Saeed Albanna
January 2015


Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Policy

Albanna Engineering believes to achieve business performance excellence, requires outstanding HSE performance in all its activities. To maintain best HSE performance, we protect the health and safety of our people and of those affected by our business, the protection of our physical assets and reputation and the protection of the environment.

ABE is committed to:

  • Design and maintain safe working place, safe operating systems and methods of work.
  • Identify potential hazards and environmental aspects to manage HSE risk to a level that ensures safety of people and protection of environment.
  • Ensure all employees understand their HSE accountabilities and demonstrate visible HSE leadership.
  • Ensure that all business activities are carried-out to prevent harm to employees, customers, sub-contractors, public, stake holders and environment.
  • Provide appropriate trainings to all concerned in order to promote incident prevention culture.
  • Mitigate all HSE deficiencies and non-conformance identified through audits, inspections, incident investigation and reports from other sources in a timely manner.
  • Comply with this policy and drive HSE improvements by setting expectations and objectives and reviewing, monitoring and auditing performance .
  • We reduce to minimum practicable any adverse effects of our operations on the environment.
  • Meet or exceed the applicable legal, customers and other requirements.
  • Review this policy periodically to verify the relevance and any revisions required for further improvement.


Mathew Kavalam
January 2015