Gulf Petrochem

Customer : Gulf Petrochem FZC
Consultant : Mott MacDonald
Construction Period : 2011 -2012
Piping : 187,000” Ø
Painting / FBE coating : 75,000 SqM
Structural Works : 6000 Tons.


EPC Contract for the residual Engineering, Fabrication , Construction, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Mechanical, Piping,Civil & Structural, Electrical & instrumentation works for the storage terminal, Terminal pipe lines, berth lines and the associated facilities in the Oil Tanking hub of Fujairah.

Gulf Petrochem FZC are a part of the Gulf Petrochem Group which is one of the well-established manufacturers and traders of petroleum products in major parts of the world and has a presence in South Asia, Far East Asia, Africa and Europe. Headquartered in United Arab Emirates, they are established performers in oil space, specializing in Oil Trading & Bunkering, Oil Refining, Grease Manufacturing, Oil Storage Terminals, Bitumen Manufacturing, and Shipping & Logistics. Growing from strength to strength, today, the Group stands as a well-integrated conglomerate.

The objective of our client Gulf Petrochem project is to construct a Terminal for Storage & loading of Petroleum products in Fujairah. Mott MacDonald limited has been employed to carry out engineering & Construction management for this project. The project is being executed in three contracts, of which the Contract TC 04 - Mechanical, Piping Civil & Structural, and Electrical & Instrumentation works has been awarded to us.

Brief Outline of the Project

  • Product pumps, terminal piping including the pump house and the manifold piping, pig launcher /receiver and the piping connections to the product storage tanks.
  • Fire water system for the terminal including the pumps and the associated piping work, piping connections to the fire water tanks, underground HDPE networks, fire hydrants hose cabinets, fire hoses, monitors, fire extinguishers etc.
  • Service water piping system and connecting to the existing main water system.
  • Plant Air system and nitrogen system.
  • TTLR with Associated piping works with loading arms
  • Berth lines from the terminal to POF Matrix manifold.
  • All Civil & Structural works for pipe supports, sleepers, cross overs, operating platforms Electrical, PA system & instrumentation works and firewater system associated for the project.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling across the existing Fujairah- Khorfakkan highway for laying of berth lines.
  • Electrical & instrumentation works for the terminal & POF matrix manifold area.

OT2 Facility

Matrix Manifold Expansion Works

Customer : Port of Fujairah.
Consultant : Tebodin
Construction Period : 2012
Piping : 70,000” Ø
Painting : 12,000 m2
Structural Works : 450 Tons.
Concrete Works : 15,650 CuM


The scope included design, manufacture, installation and testing of complete manifold piping. Also includes the Civil, structural steel platforms, Electrical & instrumentation and Fire Fighting facility for the manifold.Albanna Engineering was the main contractor for EPC project for the  Port of  Fujairah  Matrix Manifold Expansion works  in order to accommodate the new berth lines and extra user lines. The extension consist of three bunded areas - manifold bay sized 88 x 48 meter – 2 Nos and 100 x 48 meter  - 1 No

Vopak Horizon Fujairah Ltd. (VHFL)

Consultant : ENOC
Construction Period : 2012 - 2013
Piping : 70,000” Ø
Painting : 38,000 SqM
Structural Works : 1,000 Tons.
Concrete Works :6000 CuM

Albanna Engineering is the main contractor for this important EPC project for Connecting Vopak Terminal to POF Matrix Manifold. The scope includes Engineering, procurement and construction of 2nos 24” and 30” pipe line each from VHFL to OTB2 Matrix Manifold, total of 16 KM. Also includes associated civil and E&I work

Civil Works includes pipe sleepers, pipe bride foundations, and culvert. Structural Steel works consist of construction of pipe bridges and pipe rack.              

The construction period was 11 months. 

Jetty Pipeline Works

Socar Aurora, Fujairah

Construction Period : 2012 - 2013
Piping : 14,000” Ø
Painting / Wrapping : 12,000 SqM

SOCAR AURORA awarded the Jetty Line project to Albanna Engineering for the transfer of Fuel from SOCAR Terminal to Jetty via  4 nos. of 24” pipe and 2 nos. of 6” pipe, of total length 9 KM.

Scope includes detail engineering, procurement of pipe and fittings, fabrication, painting, wrapping, installation, testing and pigging including CP.

Civil works includes excavation, backfilling, pipe supports foundations and road crossing sleeves. Structural works includes pipe supports and valve access platforms.

Mechanical & Piping Works

Refinery Debottlenecking Project

Customer :EPCL
Consultant : ENOC
Construction Period : 2012
Structures : 500 MT
Equipment : 1000 MT
Piping : 95000 Inch Dia
Heavy Lifts : 1000 MT
Peak Manpower : 950 Nos


Albanna Engineering was the main contractor for the Refinery Shutdown works to increase capacity of the refinery by 20,000 barrel per day (bpd) to 140,000 bpd. Plant Shutdown was planned for 14 days and was abe to successfully complete the shutdown works as planned.

Scope of work includes supply of labour, consumables, plant and equipments, engaging specialized subcontractors for Catlyst Loading, Internal Tray removals, Tube Bundle replacement works and Heavy lifts.

VHFL Phase 6 Expansion

Offshore Facilities

Customer : VHFL
Consultant : ENOC
Construction Period : 2010 - 2011
Piping : 88,000” Ø
Painting : 30,000 SqM
Structural Works : 6000 Tons


VHFL awarded the Offshore Facilities project to Albanna Engineering as part of the Vopak Terminal Expansion Phase 6 works.

Scope of work includes designs, supply of pipes, fittings and valves, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of pipe lines, installation and testing of loading arms and associated E&I and firefighting works in the trestle.

Phase 6 Expansion Works

Star Energy Oil Tanking

Customer :STAR Energy Oil Tanking
Consultant : WS Atkins
Execution Period : 2009 - 2010
Piping : 24,000” Ø
Painting : 7,500 SqM
Internal Cement Lining : 1,950 SqM
Structure : 200 Tons
Concrere Works : 450 CuM


Albanna Engineering was the main contractor for Mechanical, Piping, Civil and E&I works for the Terminal Expansion Project.

The scope included detailed engineering, procurement, construction, testing, painting and commissioning of complete product piping system for the new tank farm. Civil works includes construction of new bridge, extension of existing bund wall, tank farm area grading and foundations.The scope also includes fire fighting works and E&I works.

Albanna Engineering has successfully executed this 12 month project in time up to the satisfaction of client.


Berth 9 Piping Works

Customer :EPCL (ENOC Processing Company LLC)
Consultant : Tebodin
Construction Period : 2009 - 2010
Piping : 45,000” Ø, 30" pipe - 1Km, 20" - 3Km, 16" - 2Km
Painting : 14,000 SqM
Wrapping : 1,800SqM
Structure : 350 Tons


Albanna Engineering was contractor for Piping, Structural, Loading arm and Pump erection for Berth 9 facilities for EPCL.

The scope includes installation, testing, painting and commissioning of product pipe lines from Berth 9 to Berth 1 valve station wiht tie-ins to Berth 3 and Berth 7. Erection of 11 nos of loading arms and slop pumps with commissioning assistance also forms part of the scope along with civil works for undergroung piping from Valve station to Berth 3 and structural supports and operating platforms.

Albanna Engineering has successfully executed this 4 month project in time to the satisfaction of client.

Other Completed Projects

Projects Clients Year
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Expansion of Petroleum Products, Storage and Distribution Terminal at Fujairah EMARAT 2012
Mechanical Works for Multiple Projects EPCL 2012
Pipe Fabrication and Erection Works Dubai Drydocks 2011
Fabrication, Painting, Erection, Testing & Pigging of Pipeline and Associated Civil & Structural Works DUGAS 2011
ULG & Naphtha Interconnecting Piping and Associated Civil Works EPPCO International 2011
Cast house 1-New Substation Building, Transformer Bay & Extension of Roof Structure including Associated MEP Works Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) 2011
Piping, Fabrication & Erection Work-TI Aquila Dubai Drydocks 2011
Skid Fabrication Works Alderly FZE 2011
Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) 2011
Construction of new pot repair building including civil, structural, cladding & electrical works Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) 2011
Supply, Fabrication & Installation of pipeline & associated Civil, E&I Works FAL Energy Terminal 2010
Plant Wide Structural Access Platforms Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) 2010
Design, Supply and Fabrication of Metering Skid Truck including E&I Works Emerson Process Management FZE. 2010
Plant Wide Underground Piping Works / STG & BOP Piping Work / BOP Large Box Piping Works Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) 2008-2010
Piping Work-TI Asia Dubai Drydocks 2009
Unit 700 Revamping Project Fujairah Refinery 2009
Tank Bottom & Annular Plate Replacement Work Star Energy Oil Tanking 2009
Alcan Degaser Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) 2007-2009
TTLR Augment Facility EIL 2008
Water Filling Station Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) 2008
Naptha Hydrotreater Reformer EPCL 2007-2008
Tank Fabrication and Erection (11 nos) HJATL 2006-2008
Tank farm Expansion Star Energy 2006-2007
Cooling Water Circuit Upgrade Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) 2006-2007
Fabrication of Evaporators SIDEM / Belleli 2006-2007
Berth Piping EMARAT 2006-2007
Diesel Fuel Pipeline at MARGHAM Est. Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) 2006-2008
Furnace Fabrication and Erection Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) 2008